How To Get Free Dog Toys For Your New Puppy

free dog toys
Discover how you never have to pay for a chew toy again simply by sharing your data for free gift cards to PetSmart.

There’s nothing quite like a new addition to the family. A furry addition, that is. Pets are as much a member of the family as children, siblings, and parents. For some, pets double up as “fur babies”, especially if you’ve just gotten a new puppy. As cute as they are, puppies can be a handful and there are a lot of expenses to account for when buying or adopting a new puppy. 

Food, vaccinations, health checks, training classes (if need be), and, on top of all that, toys to keep your puppy entertained. Your sofa cushions and home decor will thank you. With food and health being a top priority, you might find yourself stretching your wallet to accommodate treats and toys. 

Luckily, there’s an easy solution that doesn’t require you to dig deeper into your pockets. Read on to discover how to get free dog toys for your new puppy.

How to get free dog toys for your puppy with Invisibly

With Invisibly, you can access premium rewards like gift cards you can spend with our select range of brands, including PetSmart – one of the largest chains of pet superstores in North America! PetSmart is your one-stop shop for pet food, supplies, treats, medicines, and, of course, toys! 

So, how do you do it? It’s simple – sign up with Invisibly, earn and collect points from answering simple surveys or sharing your shopping history, and use those points to redeem rewards from any of our expanding network of partners. 

We’ve teamed up with some of the largest, most well-known brands in the world to bring you premium rewards in a way that guarantees your data security and privacy.

To start earning rewards you can redeem for toys and other goodies at PetSmart, all you need to do is follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Create an Invisibly account, fill in your profile information to tell us more about you, and start earning points right away. 

Step 2: Earn points from answering surveys or connecting your account(s). Invisibly collects data on your transaction history and opinions through the accounts that you choose to connect and the surveys you take. We will not have access to your credentials, balances, or be able to perform actions of any kind. Your data remains anonymous when shared with brands. 

Step 3: Use your points to redeem premium rewards from our growing roster of brands like PetSmart. Our other partners include Nike, Target, Dunkin, Best Buy, Ulta Beauty, and many more.

Get pet savvy with PetSmart: Everything you need for your puppy

PetSmart has a range of fun, versatile toys for cats and dogs. If you’re a puppy parent, the easiest way to access PetSmart’s food and toys for free is by redeeming your rewards earned from Invisibly. 

Puppy toys under 10 dollars

KONG® AirDog® Football Squeaker Dog Toy – playing fetch around the house just became a lot less hazardous with a soft, squeaky football toy. It’s perfect for excitable puppies looking to release some energy!

Nylabone® Power Puppy Chew Teething Ring Dog Toy – is your puppy teething? Chances are, they will go for the nearest chewable item which is likely to be something valuable. Avoid expensive mishaps by getting your pup a teething chew toy that they can happily gnaw away at, while your furniture and home decor remain safe!

KONG® Cozie Spunky Monkey Dog Toy – every puppy should have at least one soft, cuddly dog toy, and this monkey plushie is the perfect choice. There’s nothing cuter than watching your precious fur child curl up and fall asleep next to their favorite soft plush toy. Be sure to have your camera on standby!

Joyhound Active Rope Octoball Dog Toy – if your puppy is in a playful, active mood, this Octoball toy will keep them entertained for hours. Created with several knotted ropes, it encourages healthy biting, tugging, and carrying, all of which are part of healthy physical development.

Puppy toys under 5 dollars

On a budget? No problem! PetSmart has you covered with its range of puppy-friendly toys all under 5 dollars. 

KONG® Teddy Bear Dog Toy – every puppy needs a soft, squishy plushie for late-night cuddles (and chewing), and what better choice than a good, old-fashioned teddy bear? 

KONG® Duck Dog Toy – if your puppy already has a teddy, how about an adorable duck plushie? Get ready to watch your puppy take it all over the house – and watch what happens if you dare try and take it away! Get ready for tug of war!

Joyhound Valentine’s Day Rope with TPR Hearts – speaking of tug of war, it’s going to happen, especially as your puppy gets bigger and playtime becomes top of the agenda. A toy rope is ideal for letting your puppy chew away on something that isn’t your sofa cushions! 

Joyhound St. Patrick’s Day Plush Bone – dogs love bones and puppies are no exception! Why not give your puppy a softer, chewier alternative that will last and that they can happily chew away on for the next few months?

Looking for items besides toys? PetSmart has you covered for everything, ranging from medicine and food samples to dog beds and kennels. Don’t forget, with Invisibly, you can use your rewards to earn free products and/or special deals on products you receive. 

Earn rewards and free dog toys with Invisibly

Owning a pet is one of life’s greatest joys and all pet parents know the feeling of wanting to spoil your furry companion with every toy imaginable. With Invisibly, getting free dog toys for your new puppy is easy. All you need to do is sign up, start filling out surveys or sharing your shopping history, and redeem your reward at PetSmart! See your data work for you, and use it to earn premium rewards. 

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