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Why give it away for free when you can earn rewards from it? Every day, big tech is making billions from your data. It’s time to get your cut. 

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Connect your bank or credit card account(s), take surveys, and earn points to unlock premium rewards from your data. Invisibly will not have access to your credentials, balances, or be able to perform actions from your connected accounts.

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hold the power. 

If you bank online, use social media, send emails through any large tech platform, then your data is already being shared and sold for profit. It’s time to reclaim its worth and use it to unlock premium rewards instead of giving it away for free.

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Asked Questions

Invisibly collects data on your transaction history and shopping data through the accounts that you choose to connect. We will not be able to perform transactions of any kind, and your data will be protected by data encryption systems within our Stripe integration.
We don’t mess around with data security. We protect your data through our integration with Stripe, which applies data encryption mechanisms at multiple points in the service to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to your data at rest and in transit.
You can earn points on Invisibly by voluntarily sharing your data, either through connecting your bank or credit card accounts to share your transactional data, or by taking surveys to share your opinions.
You can use Invisibly to redeem rewards from Dunkin’, Target, Nike, Chipotle, Ulta Beauty, Best Buy, Nordstrom, PetSmart, and Whole Foods. We are continuously adding more reward partners to our platform, so make sure to stay tuned for new reward opportunities.

Turn your data
into rewards.

What’s your data worth?
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