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*Invisibly will not have access to your credentials, balances, or be able to perform actions from your connected accounts.

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Why give it away for free when you can earn rewards from it? Every day, big tech is making billions from your data. It’s time to get your cut.

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Invisibly User

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“I have been loving the Invisibly app for getting free gift cards. The surveys are fun and the streaks keep me wanting to come back for more! I also love the discoveries tab to see how I compare to others. This is something unique that I haven’t seen with other survey apps.”

— Bannister, Invisibly user

“Being on my phone now feels productive, thanks to Invisibly. I like that I’m able to take surveys and in return get free gift cards. The competitive side in me likes the streak feature too!”

— Meggie R, Invisibly user

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It’s like the digital version of leaving a receipt behind. Answer surveys and share how you spend to earn premium rewards from your data — no hidden costs, no strings attached.

Asked Questions

Invisibly collects data on your transaction history and shopping data through the credit and/or debit card(s) accounts that you choose to connect. We will not be able to perform transactions of any kind, and your data will be protected by data encryption systems within our Stripe integration.
We don’t mess around with data security. We protect your data through our integration with Stripe, which applies data encryption mechanisms at multiple points in the service to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to your data at rest and in transit.
You can earn points on Invisibly by taking surveys to share your opinions, connecting your bank or credit card account(s) to share your transactional data, and interacting with your discoveries feed.

You can use Invisibly to redeem rewards from Airbnb, Best Buy, Chipotle, DoorDash, Dunkin’, GameStop, Lyft, Nike, Nordstrom, PetSmart, Southwest Airlines, Spotify, Target, Uber, Ulta Beauty, and more coming soon.

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