The Fast Action Button

Control your ad experience where ever you see the Fast Action Button. We’ve all seen ads for products already purchased, ads for something completely irrelevant, or maybe even ads that are a little too relevant. Invisibly gives people of the Internet control over their ad experience and a way to communicate back to advertisers. The more feedback you give, the better your ad experience will get. 



The Invisibly Survey

Invisibly creates products that give people control over their data and what they share with advertisers. Invisibly Surveys are one way we want to put that control back in your hands. By participating in our surveys, Invisibly can show you ads that help you discover products you’re interested in, and less irrelevant, annoying ads.


Why Participate?

Ads make free content possible. By not blocking ads and using the Invisibly button, you support the content creators and journalists while turning annoying, irrelevant or even creepy ads into something that will help you discover products and brands you love. 

Where do I find Invisibly Ad Controls?

Invisibly is rapidly expanding its footprint across the web, and the button and surveys can be found across thousands of websites in the United States. 

If I use the Invisibly button or survey, does it affect all of the ads I see online?

Currently, Invisibly can only control our own ads. The many ads you see on one page usually come from multiple “ad networks” with access to the website’s advertising inventory. Anytime you see a Fast Action Button, you’re seeing an Invisibly ad and by using the button or answering the survey, you’re controlling what ads we show you the next time we see you across any of our partner sites. 

How do I see the Invisibly Button on more sites I visit?

Invisibly is working on expanding our footprint across the web. Fill out this form to let us know what sites you’d like to see the button on.