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Inaccurate predictions can kill campaigns. Stop wasting millions on unreliable polls and make smarter, more informed decisions with the most innovative polling technology available.
Invisibly polling had the most accurate predictions for the outcome of the 2020 US Presidential election - we came within 4 electoral votes.

The fastest, most accurate polling

Invisibly's polling technology combines science and innovation to deliver faster, less expensive and more accurate polling results than established pollsters. Our ability to generate insights in real-time has the potential to actively impact political races by giving candidates the meaningful data they need to make smarter campaign decisions and turn dials quickly.

How it works

Our polls are embedded within content people are reading online, across millions of websites. The scale of our distribution helps deliver a random sampling of respondents.

Respondents come across our polls online and can voluntarily and anonymously participate. This creates a user experience that is less intrusive than traditional polling methods - which result in responses that more accurately reflect true voting intentions.

We generate insights in real-time, enabling your campaign to immediately make informed, data-driven decisions.

Using Realtime Research to minimize bias

The average American has little desire to voice their political opinions to a stranger over the telephone. And they are even less likely to answer honestly knowing that the wrong answer could have negative social consequences. So while phone pollsters think this randomized, involuntary approach is ideal, they end up gathering and reporting reactions — not true opinions.
Unlike traditional polling methods, Realtime Research relies on voluntary and anonymous participation, which leads to less biased responses and far more accurate results.
— 2020 Election Highlights.
The pollsters got it wrong — again. Invisibly got it right.
Over the course of the 2020 US Presidential election, we used our Realtime Research tool to accurately detect Trump's following, yet still predict Biden's victory.
In fact, to the best of our knowledge, our presidential predictions were the most accurate of any poll, as measured by either popular vote or electoral college.
Our prediction was more accurate than FiveThirtyEight’s forecasts.
Invisibly predicted Trump would get 228 Electoral votes — he got 232.
Invisibly’s more accurate capture of Trump’s true support translated into better predictions in battleground states.
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