What To Look For in A Publisher Monetization Platform

Publisher Monetization Platform
Invisibly offers a monetization solution for digital publishers looking to push their brand awareness and revenue forward. In this article we explain how to get started.

Invisibly offers a monetization solution for digital publishers looking to push their brand awareness and revenue forward. In this article we explain how to get started. 

Monetization platforms are one the most popular ways content publishers can leverage revenue off the content they produce. In essence, monetization platforms act as a third party between businesses and advertisers. All a publisher needs to do is publish their content through the platform and in doing so, the monetization platform pays the publishing business to run advertisements on the content.

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Social networks like YouTube and Facebook are the most common examples of content monetization platforms, they are also some of the most popular. In this article, we dive into what publishers need to look for in a publisher monetization platform. 

Publisher Monetization Platform Features


Digital publishers need monetization in order to survive the digital market. Therefore, monetization platforms are more than necessary when publishing digital content that is of value to customers. 


1. Distribution 

When searching for a publisher monetization platform, publishers should look to a site’s distribution offerings. Without access to the proper channels a monetization platform won’t be worth its weight. Publishers need to be sure that when using the platform the premium content they work hard to produce can be reached by their audience and more. Another thing to be aware of is what sites a monetization platform has access to and if they align with the publishers distribution goals. 

2. Subscription sales

Subscriptions are the way of the fruit when it comes to monetizing publisher content. The platform publishers should have some way to offer subscriptions sales if that is a monetization model used by the press. Additionally, publishers should look carefully at what subscription features a monetization site offers. For example, some sites offer the ability to sell custom subscription models for publishers while others sell subscription packages. The packages can be a bundle of the platform’s services and the publishers so it is important to be aware of the find print on the monetization sites. 

3. User experience 

Another important thing to consider when choosing a publisher monetization platform is the user experience they offer. It goes without saying that a platform optimized for user experience and ease of search should be a top priority for publishers. If the monetization platform doesn’t have a fluid user interface then a publisher can expect fairly low returns when it comes to revenue. 

4. Advertisement technology

For years advertisements have been the key to publisher monetization. At the root of publisher monetization platforms is advertisement software. While almost all platforms will offer some form of ad hosting or service, publishers need to research whether or not a platform is using the most up to date ad tech as well as advertising best practices. This includes things like leveraging first and third party user data as well as incorporating targeted and personalized advertisements to maximize profit. 

5. Header bidding 

In tandem with advertising tech, header bidding remains one of the most important monetization features. Essentially, header bidding is a type of advanced advertising that allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple networks and exchanges simultaneously. Because of the sheer reach header bidding can provide, publishers need to include this as a must have when choosing a publisher monetization platform. Sometimes referred to as advance bidding or pre-bidding, its value can not be understated. In fact, 84% of the US’ top 10,000 sites implement header bidding, while more than half of US publishers agree they obtained higher CPMs with header bidding in practice. With the entire process taking a fraction of a second, publishers should be looking to implement header bidding to maximize the ad revenue for their web pages. Subsequently, they should make sure the platform they choose to monetize with has this capacity. 

Monetize with Invisibly

Many publishers have found success by staying up to date on trending monetization models. Furthermore, publishers can expect to see increased success by incorporating multiple revenue streams into their sites. This adds extra security as they experiment with different revenue strategies. Knowing exactly how to monetize news websites is crucial to publisher and business success. The options above, should give news publishers a head start in monetizing their content. For more publishing trends and premium content information, head to Invisibly’s blog page to discover more. 

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