Best App For Free Magazine Subscriptions

Best App For Free Magazine Subscriptions
Invisibly allows you to access over 20 digital magazines completely free. Read articles from publications like Cosmopolitan, Elle, HGTV, Men’s Health and more!

There are a couple of ways to get a free magazine subscription – on websites, through the mail, or on an app. It’s always been possible to get magazine subscriptions for free by exchanging personal information like your verified email address and mail address for access to your favorite magazines. Then, when digital magazines rose in popularity, it became possible to do the same thing through websites. Now, there’s an even better way to access free magazine subscriptions through an app. We’ll get into that later on. 

If you’re looking for ways to get a free magazine subscription, consider this article a comprehensive guide to all the ways you can do that. Plenty of businesses offer free subscriptions using different mechanisms of value exchange. Keep reading to find out which option might suit you best – the plain old mail delivery system, free magazine subscription sites, or an app that lets you read premium magazine content absolutely free.

How do I get magazines for free?

Many businesses offer free subscriptions to your favorite magazines in exchange for your personal information, including your verified email address or mail address. The most common way to get magazines for free is by finding a third-party website that features a list of free magazines. Look out for premium titles like Elle Magazine or Elle Decor. To get a subscription for free, you may be required to enter in some personal information or fill out a survey. 

If you’re going to use a website like this to get free magazine subscriptions – which could be print magazines delivered in the mail or digital magazines sent via email – you should be aware that there are more than a few hoops to jump through before you’ll receive confirmation of your free magazine subscription. Generally, when you’re trying to confirm your free magazine subscription, up spring pages and pages of pop-up adverts with microscopic “No Thanks” or “X” buttons that you’ll have to hunt down with a magnifying glass. 

The sign-up process also typically includes plenty of special offers which require you to enter your credit card number. Be warned – if you do so, the free subscription might not be so free any more. For these reasons (and more), it’s less of a hassle to access free magazine subscriptions through an app like Invisibly

Using an app to access free magazine content may be the most streamlined and convenient way for modern readers to access digital magazines. The right content access app offers a personalized, ad-lite reading experience free from marketing ploys designed to entrap potential readers into paying for a 2-year subscription. The best content access apps are upfront and transparent about using your data to leverage your access to free content. After all, it’s your data.  You should be empowered to make decisions about how you trade it instead of letting anonymous cookie monsters munch up your cookies, IP addresses, location, web search history, and more without your knowledge.

How do I get free magazine subscriptions in the mail?

If you’ve never signed up for a free magazine subscription in the mail before, then this is the guide for you. You have a few options if this is the route you want to take to receive a magazine subscription for free. The first option is to sign up for a free magazine subscription through a third-party service on the web. The second option is to contact magazine publishers directly to see if they’ll offer free subscriptions – sometimes publishers are willing to do this as a marketing technique. The third option is to contact your local library or bookstore to check if they have any old magazines they’re willing to post to your delivery address. 

For a range of up-to-date issues and the benefit of regular delivery, most people opt to take up the free magazine offer promised by third-party service providers. Here’s how to get a free magazine subscription delivered in the mail through a third-party service provider: 

  1. Choose a website that offers a list of free magazines. You’ll need to check regularly if they have your favorite magazines on offer, as these lists and offers are frequently updated. 
  2. When you begin the sign-up process, you’ll notice a significant stack of pop-up windows advertising all sorts of offers. These offers will usually require your credit card number. You are not obligated to supply this information to get your free magazine subscription. It will take a few minutes to reject these offers, but it is essential to reject them all to avoid realizing you’ve received a bill later down the line. Hot tip: you might have to hunt for the tiny exit button to the offers in every corner of your browser window. 
  3. When you finally get through the pop-up offers, you’ll be asked to enter your name, surname, email address or mailing address. Then you should have confirmation of your free magazine subscription. 
  4. Now, you wait. It can take anywhere between six and twelve weeks for your new, free magazine subscription to reach your front door. 


Don’t forget that even sources that promise a “no strings attached” magazine subscription may have stipulations that only reveal themselves further down the line. It’s a good idea to thoroughly research any potential requirements – especially as it’s possible that these terms and conditions are not going to be clearly stipulated during the sign-up process.

How can I find free magazines online?

You can find free magazines online either by browsing sites that offer free magazine subscriptions or by using an app to read free magazine content. Using an app to access free magazine content – especially one that is designed to improve your reading experience – is an ideal option for the modern reader. 

Using a content access app like Invisibly means that you won’t have to wade through endless pop-up ads and miles of fine print to read premium magazine content instantaneously – for free. The app also curates a personalized, ad-lite feed full of high-quality content from our ever-expanding roster of publishers. Readers can unlock access to thousands of new articles every day with Invisibly points, which are earned by filling out surveys or consenting to passive data collection. 

Most providers of free magazine subscriptions are already collecting your personal data, and some are even transparent about what information they’re extracting from you. This value exchange is not new to the publishing industry, but there is a new (and better) way to do it. Invisibly empowers readers to enter into a transparent and actively consented exchange of data for access to content. No credit card number traps. No never-ending waiting periods. Just instant access to premium magazine content, for free. 

Explore a new way to unlock your next free magazine subscription with Invisibly today.

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